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Delivering an effortless adhesive experience beyond customer’s expectations.

Our adhesive exceeds the performance of all market adhesives and it is beyond comparison.

By being ahead of the game we are able to implement our adhesive technology and ideas at the fastest speed.

Innovation drives us to deliver results beyond market expectations.

Rooted in a culture of innovation, CARMEN’S ™ pioneered the development of the most innovative one component urethane flooring and construction adhesive for a wide range of applications. Whether you are a flooring installer or a contractor CARMEN’S ONE™ is the right adhesive for you. The intention behind our comprehensive work is to simplify installation projects for all PROS. Therefore, we can say with assurance that this product was developed with all professional installers and builders in mind. Leave the rest of the buckets behind, CARMEN’S ONE™ known as “The Pink Bucket” is the only solution you need!


As an innovative market-leading company, we pledge to simplify the flooring installation process for all. We believe in the right formulation of material components  that lead to break through, innovative products that will help the industries to thrive. Our highest performing urethane adhesive is designed for a use in following industries :





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What Clients Are Saying

Good Grip! Holds the floor very well. We've used it for cork and plywood.

Tom, from Red Oak Flooring

Carmen's One-Step is a great product. We have been using it for 8 months already and haven't had any issues with it. In fact, it is much easier on the hand than the other adhesives. It’s very smooth to apply over concrete. Will buy it again.

E & G Flooring

Carmen's One Step is the best adhesive out there. I will always use this adhesive and recommend this product.


I used Carmen's One Step Adhesive for 13,000 sq. Ft of floor over concrete project. We had an amazing experience using the product. This adhesive has a good coverage, and it is easy to apply. I will definitely use this adhesive again in my future flooring projects.

Gill, Gills Flooring

I have used Carmen's One Step Adhesive for one restaurant installation project – wood over ceramic tile. The customer wanted an easy fix without a lot of dust and dirt, and we found a solution - Carmen's One Step Adhesive. Instead of taking a week, we did it one day! We cut the labor and the downtime for the restaurant. The customer is very happy with the end results. I highly recommend this product.

Gerry from Shaw Design Center


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